Funnyman Biden Tells N. Korea’s Fat Un, Bomb Will Make LA Strong Too !

tmp_th-63095901Now we realize that our VP Joe usually speaks before he engages his brain, or maybe he just doesn’t use that organ of the body? Were not sure after that faux pas in Boston !! Well…Fat Un the N. Korean leader kinda’ picked up on that line and got the strange notion of LA Strong. After all a nuke in LA would kinda’ make them all stronger, wouldn’t it ?? Joe’s logic dictates that scenario…er, right Joe? Well…Reality says NO to ASHES AND NO PEOPLE being strong ! Sooo, these leftwing slogans like ” Boston Strong” is just another platitude for “We Messed Up” in liberal Beantown ! Remember, the 9/11 bombers entered through Boston’s Logan Airport, now this !! Joe.. Please…forget the meandering messages and get right to the point, SECURITY FROM EXTREMISTS IS PREFERABLE TO GOOD SPEECHIFYING BABBLE !!! Massachusetts Wrong !!


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Cleta Mitchell: ‘The IRS Became The Enforcement Arm of the Democratic Party’ (Video)

JohnyAngel Advocacy Group:

Isn’t it time to rise up and rethink taxes !!??

Originally posted on Nice Deb:

Megyn Kelly had Washington Attorney Cleta Mitchell on the Kelly File, Monday night to talk about the n ew  IRS emails  released by the House Oversight Committee that show Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings’ staff communicating with the IRS on several occasions between 2012 and 2013 about Catherine Engelbrecht’s voter integrity group, True the Vote.

Kelly noted with a degree of disgust that Cummings was on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer, Sunday, where he fielded zero questions about the IRS scandal. Instead they talked about – get this -  equal pay for women! (See, over at CBS – they like to cover the tough issues … just ask Sharyl Attkisson.)

Kelly and Mitchell proceeded to review the latest evidence that Cummings colluded with the IRS to target True the Vote, and lied about it. The evidence is, frankly, overwhelming that Cummings inappropriately coordinated with the IRS to…

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