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Originally posted on Right Reason:

I am by no means a scholar of Islam, but I have read much on the life of Muhammad and the history surrounding his life. Hearing about the treaty, or “agreement”, with Iran that Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama negotiated with Iran, along with the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, plus China and Russia, an odd thought occurred to me.

How many treaties are signed with a time limit? This treaty purports to run for ten years.

I was reminded of reading about the Treaty of Hudaibiyah of 628 AD. In that year, Muhammad, along with fourteen hundred companions, decided to perform the Umrah, known as “the lesser pilgrimage”. The Quraysh occupied the city of Mecca and, not wanting Mohammed to enter, closed all access to the city.

After much negotiation, the Quraysh came to an agreement with Muhammad, known as the “Treaty of Hudaibiyah”. This treaty reads:

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