NewsBusted with Jodi Miller 6/30/15 — MRC


Manhood By The Bible — Wild Bill for America


BAN M.A.S.H. RERUNS & DVD’s !! Klinger made fun of trannie-soldiers !!

download-1 Forget about banning the bomb, time to get real !! Trannies in uniform deliberately mocked, WEEKLY !! Alan Alda, we are sure would approve as he is Mr. Liberal. Let’s get with it Gaia followers. Move to the beat, rappin’ revolters, try harder Congressmen and Super Court !! Ban MASH now and newsmen ask Alan Alda if he will be first in line to ban his sexist,gender thrashing show !! Time for MASH to be MUSH !!!


Southern Poverty Law Center : The Real Hate Group — Sons of Liberty


‘Flags in the Crosshairs’ by “Tony” Branco



Change The Channel ! — Iran and the Bomb — Clarion Short Film Series


Ann Coulter Tells C-Span What Would Benefit Blacks More Than PC Flag Babble


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