New Age Priests : Empowering Homosexuals First, Next…Age of Consent !!

RuPaul-the-Priest--79060 For those who wish to know the NWO scenic voyage without the waiting for the trip to begin, we offer first-hand behind the scened goings on of what will occur in public life before it is implemented by our OH SO WISE leaders. We’ve been in public policy for over 40 years and KNOW before the ” sh*t hits the proverbial fan”. With gay sex and marriage comes a certain LAMBDA type fondness for the young adult. Though more educated than earlier generations, youth still has it’s drawbacks, like experience with life itself !! Long story short, lowering the age of consent will make legal what was once perverse and it would make sharia law so much more acceptable too. Men and boys, women and girls ALL TOGETHER in one big love-in. Young acceptable muslimas marrying at 9 or 10 wouldn’t be frowned upon by western society anymore. This seems outrageous to you ? Cahoots is the word !! Groups of leftist lawyers and activist agitators are working on this as this is being written. Your supposed Reps. in Congress do nothing but ACT THEIR ROLE out day in and day out ! SCOTUS rules and decides issues that shouldn’t even be heard by the Court !! When Justices (9 of them) can change the whole of society, well…something’s wrong with that society. June will begin the acceptance of gay marriage. Next issue….lowering the age of consent !!! You heard it here first and it may take a wee bit longer now that this column is out, but trust us IT IS COMING SO…BE PREPARED. (Ru-Paul for president?)


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Marxist Pope Targets America’s Freedoms — America’s Survival


‘TRANSPARENCY, baby!!’ On email release, Hillary went to great lengths to ‘make this task impossible’

‘TRANSPARENCY, baby!!’ On email release, Hillary went to great lengths to ‘make this task impossible’

JohnyAngel Advocacy Group:

The time to rein in these deceitful oligarchs is NOW !! ROLL SOME HEADS !!

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Hillary Clinton recently claimed that she wanted emails her staff turned over to the State Department to be made public as quickly as possible. The way Team Hillary turned them over indicates otherwise:

Yep, she was really in a hurry to help make those things public while sparing taxpayers added expense!

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