National Organization of Bag Women — Wild Bill For America


“You Will Fall Like Ripe Fruit Into Our Hands” — Communist Takeover Happening In Amerika


Monkey Lawyer in NYC Morphs !! Contemplates “Monkeycide”, “What Have I Done ?”

images Well folks it had to happen. The lawyer positing “monkey rights” in where else,New York City has gone from defending them to turning into one !! He reportedly said “Even Charlton Heston didnt face this torture” and he may be right ? Though thankfully we won’t have to listen to this monkey anymore !! Before he used the gun pictured here snapped by our super undercover reporter, mr. Monkey is supposed to have said through his banana filled lips ” I just wanted to give them citizenship and the right to vote !” Hillary and Obama and other monkeybrains would understand, he added before the fateful decision. I guess we all become what we aspire to become, but not as literal as this poor future citizen ? Lets face it, Chelsea Clinton may just have left her hubby for this new vote-getter and bedmate !!? Achchachachacha !!!😬


The Hillary Mockery — Matt Lewis


NewsBusted with Jodi Miller 4/21/15 — MRC


Video : Male Stripper Entertains for FOX, CNN & MSNBC Journalists in Bizarre World of Gay Journalism — America’s Survival


Pray For Hillary ! — ROOT For America

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