Liberals/Progressives Begin New Get Out The Vote Slogan, “Vote With Your Genitals”

21 Jun

obama-supporters-liberals-idiots-funny-truth-political-poster-1274935575 Super “touchy,feely” messages are a libtard’s ecstasy. Known for such gems as YES WE CAN,HELL NO WE WON’T GO and other mind numbing tidbits of brain euthanasia, someone came up with this very apt slogan to move the educated voter’s brain to below his/her belt or even a little lower !! We know how so very important the diet,clean air and children(those not aborted) are to tards of liberalism. After all…nobody else cares about these issues…RIGHT !!?? Wrong !! BUT, to spout off about the issues like they own them is preposterous when the obverse side of the coin spews abort children,eat right and then abuse your body sexually with freedom to be who you want to be and lastly, don’t smoke clean air…except if it’s weed !! Now those living in Denver can be forgiven because the air is thinner up there. The rest of you…well you fit right in the picture here and YOU WILL VOTE WITH YOUR GENITALS !! Harry Reid says so :-) Pelosi too

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