‘Satchmo’ Turning Over In His Grave As Communo-Islamists Changing ‘Wonderful World’

22 Oct

20141022_093832 Now anyone over the age of 40 has probably heard the Louie Armstrong hit What A Wonderful World at least once and thinks whoa Nellie…what happened ? Well…you have modern day newLeft Communism and Radlimist headchoppers to look forward to now. No more bacon,homespun humor,friendly greetings…who needs it !! We can keep innumerable laws and wear state issued ID tags soon. Ya’ can’t beat that !! Pictures of the Grand Leader and personal Mufti will adorn EVERY WALL. Weekends aren’t for picnics anymore, now you attend public headchops. What could be grander than that ? Yes folks, it’s on the way so forget about the old song because you’ll be singing a different tune….soon. Enjoy the freedoms while ye may and forget gathering rosebuds, soon it will be picking up your rebellious neighbor’s HEAD. If his name was Fred,you can literally say you didn’t pick up Fred on your tandem bicycle on the way to the EBay factory line, but FRED’S HEAD !!! :-)

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